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thinkin bout you || frank ocean

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Flume - Holdin on


Sheila E - The Glamorous Life

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The Jacksons || This Place Hotel (Heartbreak Hotel)

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Under Pressure Queen (Ft. David Bowie)

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Mario - Let Me Love You (Remix)

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Loveeeee Song Rihanna (Feat. Future)

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1. The presumed generic whiteness of the mainstream U.S. audience means that white consumers decide not only what blackness is, but also what they want out of it.

2. Musical (and cultural) erasure by mainstream music awards

3. Related: Exporting black cultur(al appropriation) - Japan’s B-Girls

4. Old tweets from Iggy  

Woah now, you leave Macklemore out of this!

Macklem- I can’t tell if you’re joking or not, so I’ll assume you are…but just in case:

First off, Macklemore is a trick, a fake, a racist, and most definitely NOT a rapper

Keep in mind as you read this: Macklemore won his best rap artist award ostensibly because he was (pardon me for barfing) “rapping” about the struggles of LBGTQ people —forget about Kendrick for a sec; remember that Frank Ocean, an actual living, breathing, currently working bisexual black rapper—wasn’t even nominated in 2k13

Celebrating Black music and Black culture…minus Black people:


Look, if not for the *extremely* blatant white privilege involved, probably nobody would even give a shit about the self proclaimed “runaway slave master” or Macklemore or even Justin Timberlake being disproportionately awarded in the rap, hip hop and R&B music genres

But the truth is that when a white person does something that black people have been doing forever, suddenly they’re instantly catapulted to the head of the line as if they “discovered” America or something

Braids - when a white girl wears braids? She and ONLY she is sporting “a new brave and daring look


(and that’s not even the first time a white woman “created” braids, see also: Bo Derek)

Twerking - a white girl twerks? Yup - SHE ”popularized” the ~*new*~ dance craze…never mind that black women have been twerking and bouncing since forever

The Harlem Shake? you guessed it, yet another discovery by white people (even though it originated in Harlem…decades ago…in the 80s)


Even previously frowned upon AAVE becomes popular…BUT…only when white people decide to adopt Columbus it


And don’t even get me started with anti-blackness in the fashion industry

What does whitewashing and erasure in R&B, rap and hip hop look like?

A decade ago every number 1 single on the Hot 100 chart was performed by an artist of color, but in 2013, 44 of the 52 number one artists on the R&B and Hip-Hop charts were White. And not a single Black artist topped (as in number #1) Billboard’s Hot 100 in 2013.


Look…it’s not just about the inherent disrespect that happens every time white people collectively try to divorce black people from black culture just so that white people can claim it as theirs —it’s also that this practice of handing out awards for the *novelty* of being (for lack of a better phrase) the opposite race does NOT go “both ways”

This phenomenon works almost exclusively to the advantage of white people

For example, NUMEROUS black artists have tried their hand at country music over the decades, but to this day the Country Music Awards has only ever named one “Best New Artist” award to a black person. Ever. Country music is, and will remain highly lucrative and very thoroughly white, and it has absolutely ~*nothing*~ to do with meritocracy, as so many desperately naive “post racial" white people try to claim when they chime in to stann for JT, Iggy and Macklemore “winning” in black music

Invoking meritocracy turns an enormous blind eye to all the white music artists who repeatedly use Black bodies, Black music & Black culture as disposable ornaments to further their careers. And that game’s been around longer than Elvis -it’s called cultural appropriation, Whitewashing and erasure

There’s a post on tumblr that says, “At this rate, we’re gonna have to explain to our grandkids that Hip Hop is in fact a Black crafted art and form of expression that derived through the very particular sociopolitical circumstances of Black angst the same it was explained to us that Jazz and Rock was created in the same fashion" and it’s true —black people created rock and roll (fight me on this) but you would hardly know that because over time, white culture supremacy and white owned media has almost completely excluded and erased black people from that genera

So yeah, I tend to feel a little strongly when I see the exact same thing beginning to happen with rap music

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Beenie Man featuring Janet Jackson - Feel It Boy


The Isley Brothers - Voyage To Atlantis

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Latch (feat. Sam Smith) - Disclosure

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who am i (sim simma) - beenie man

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Sia - Chandelier