Yes, huge political advantages!!1!


Much the same way as when the very first Black congressman Hiram Rhodes Revels was elected to congress for one year back in 1871 reaped so many huge political advantages for allll of those other seven Black senators who followed him over the next 142 years! Wow! It’s almost like there aren’t anymore barriers left for Black people! Black privilege is here at last!!!

Oh wait…except it isn’t because two cherry picked data points do not make a trend or constitute “huge political advantages”

Only an out of touch privileged White guy would even think such a foolish thought, let alone say it aloud

(guess Bill Thompson’s blackness hasn’t quite converted to a “huge political advantage” yet, seeing as how he’s falling behind in the NYC mayoral polls)

SN: before anyone tries to cover for him by trying to whitesplain that it was just “sarcasm” to me, you can step all the way off 



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