What is important is that the pipeline is to run across the aquifer, and leaks are already happening on the Phase 1 portion of the pipeline (see above, blue line=Phase 1, green line=Keystone).

Now, just think about it. If the Keystone pipeline (green line, above) were to leak in one location, the entire aquifer would be contaminated. The aquifer supplies drinking water to millions of people and at least 30% of the groundwater used to irrigate crops, and we would lose that water For Ever!

That would be a disaster!

Putting a tar sands pipeline across our water source just seems crazy to me.

So, I’m going to start learning more about the Keystone Pipeline and what it means for my life.

h/t PlannedResilience

➤ Read More about KXL and the Ogallala aquifer »



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