Managing editor of TheGrio, Joy-Ann Reid, is perhaps one of the most under appreciated, under utilized journalists you may have never heard of.

In addition to having provided some of the best in depth, on the ground coverage of Travon Martin’s tragic murder, Ms. Reid also frequents MSNBC as an on air contributor where she thoroughly deconstructs conservative talking points on a regular basis. Here, on an episode of Hardball, Reid, with her trademark poise, dismantles the oft used Republican talking point that an annual salary of $250,000 somehow makes one a part of the struggling, “middle class.”


Does $250K per year make your family rich? Michael Steele says no.

In Michael Steele’s world, even families making $250,000 a year are struggling.

  • Michael Steele: I really don’t think that people who make $255,000 a year, a family of four, $255,000 a year of annual income or even adjusted gross income is rich. Rich is a relative term, and I think that’s going to be part of the debate.
  • Joy-Ann ReidFewer than 6% of Americans make that kind of money. If you live in New York or in DC you may not think that sounds like a lot of money. Where I grew up in Colorado, or if you’re in Arkansas, or you’re in, you know, North Dakota. Believe  me–very few people you know are making that kind of money.
Full video here
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