pictured above: (left) Colin Small (right) Mitt Romney seen with Nathan Sproul

  • Reince Priebus: Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman who claims that voter fraud, occurring at a rate of 0.00005% over a 10 year period, is somehow an impending, immediate threat to democracy
  • Nathan Sproul: A GOP consultant hired by Priebus and the RNC to… “register voters.” Sproul already had a well known history of discarding non-Republican voter registrations when Priebus and the GOP hired his firm, Strategic Allied Consulting
  • Colin Small: A field worker for Strategic Allied Consulting, caught throwing away completed voter registration forms
  • Victoria Bautista: Field worker for a Strategic Allied Consulting, caught selectively registering only probable Republican voters 
  • So what’s the meme? The GOP and The RNC repeatedly and knowingly commit crimes against American voters who they do not want to vote via Election Fraud and various other illegal and immoral dirty tricks—and no, the false equivalency, “both sides do it” does not apply. It’s not even close    
  • In not so unrelated news: Bain Capital, Mitt, Ann and Tagg Romney all have major financial ties to Hart Intercivic, the company that will be counting e-Votes in several swing-states, including Ohio 

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